“Never fear to do something new! Remember that a lonely amateur made the Ark and a 
pile of experts made the Titanic.” (Miklós Vámos)



Our mission is to design and produce individual online and offline advertising surfaces and advertising products by which the product or the service of our customers can stand out from those advertised by competitors. Our displays, pallet covers, totem kiosks, packaging and other print products have proved over the past years that they stand the test of time. We always enjoy taking photographs of our age-old displays found abroad and within our borders, displays which we designed for a promotion lasting only a few weeks, but which have become permanent fixtures of a point-of-sale. We are proud to bring our ideas to life by ourselves, so we gladly share the moments when a prototype is born in our manufacturing facility, the “PLAYGROUND”. Of course, we have POS advertising materials requiring long working hours and complicated manufacturing processes, or ordered at the last minute in a large quantity, during the manufacturing and packaging of which we work telling stories in a real “workshop atmosphere”.


Points-of-sale I Stores I Shopping malls I Exhibitions and fairs I Outdoor and indoor events I Hotels I Drug stores I Car salons I Service stations I Cinemas I Theatres I Travel agencies I Sports events I Offices I Educational institutions. The boundaries of the fields of use are those of the imagination.







With successful communication supported by transparent measurements 
you will have repeat customers.
Taking in to consideration modern designs and manufacturing techniques.