“Never fear to do something new! Remember that a lonely amateur made the Ark and a
pile of experts made the Titanic.” (Miklós Vámos)


About us

Our company is a point-of-sale advertising planning and manufacturing company with twenty-year-old traditions, and is also known as a PR and marketing communication media agency. It performs its diversified activity with extended international relationships, several patents unique in the world, prestigious professional prizes, and, last but least, a distribution network operating in several countries.

Our colorful range of products and services includes a variety of online and offline advertising carriers. In addition to the attention-grabbing appearance, our products are characterized by easy transportability, simple display, environmental awareness, and in case of our online tools, controllability, transparency and technological advantage.

Our philosophy

According to our philosophy: “CREATION IS OUR PASSION”, in other words, ever since the beginning, we have strived to develop ideas for our clients which allow the appearance of their product to be different from that of the competitors, thus opening the way to breakthrough. Nothing is impossible for us, we transform our ideas into visualization, which we then turn into prototypes, and finally WE DELIVER SOLUTIONS!

What we believe in


Unique idea, unique appearance, and unique message

What we do

Our diversified activities can be categorized into three groups: design, manufacturing, and service. Thanks to our organizational structure and the unique manufacturing technologies we use, we provide our products with and appearance that is uniform yet personalized. We implement complete processes from the idea through the production to the delivery, taking into account in each case the customer’s requirements, taking into consideration the price-quality ratio, cost optimization, manufacturing, delivery deadlines and the market trends.

Graphic design and production

The basic tool for a successful corporate identity design is a tailor-made graphic design. The advantage of the technologies available to us is that they allow us to ensure measurable and transparent appearance by creating a uniform visual world on both online and offline platforms. Nothing is impossible for our colleagues experienced in 3D graphic design, copyrighting, photography, typography and desktop publishing, who are able to perform any task creatively, from designing a logo to dreaming up an entire corporate identity, from business cards to exhibition stands.

3D design

When a new product is brought to life, we make photorealistic, virtual models before creating the prototype. Then we choose the “potentially most successful” piece considering the customer’s requirements. Our objective is to help our clients during an individual product development to choose the sample most suitable to the purpose. 3D visualization is a good solution when it comes to coming up with ideas on how to “dress it up” or position in a given space.

Graphic design and production of individual advertising carriers

When defining the scope of activities of our business, that is, from the very beginning, our concept has been that by implementing individual ideas, concepts and technologies we wish to produce finished products standing out from the average in terms of both their quality and their appearance. We also take care so as to prevent the well-designed appearance from being detrimental to price wars, deliverability, and storage. We design and manufacture with the help of our knowledge gained in the international advertising industry over the past years (decades). Thanks to continuous technological innovations, our product range includes hybrid solutions considered to be global innovations: the combination of our own-developed products and projects with different online advertising tools. By using them jointly, we connect offline and online spaces, and generate content, which then will be optimized based on the results of conversion measurements.

Modeling and testing prototypes

When the virtual model is finished, the next step is sampling it, in other words, making a prototype necessary to produce the finished product. In case of displays, pallet covers, and other point-of-sale advertising products we test abrasion resistance, tensile strength and stability by exposing them to experienced customer habits and less user-friendly behavioral attitudes, too.

Full print finishing

We undertake high-standard graphic print processing and finishing with short deadlines, also in order to realize unique concepts. We undertake the preparation of digital and offset print, posters, roll-ups, light boxes, leaflets, coupon books, foldouts, different advertising tools, indoor and outdoor decorations.

Presentation, packaging, co-packing of finished products

The presentation of the finished products, their customization for different market channels, their packaging, repackaging and co-packing occupy a prominent place on the list of our additional activities. They allow the logistic and delivery costs to be largely optimized or even decreased, thus improving the product quality control and in general, accelerating the product's access to the market.

Professional product or object photography

Professional product or object photography, even by 360 degrees all-round photography or video for the best appearance. Food photography. Full photography of catalogues, calendars, books in a studio. Drone photography, in-air video. Photo editing, processing works.

Designing/sale of online platforms

The technology sold by us carries globally unique opportunities: it can be either a direct or an indirect advertising space, it is suitable for conducting prize competition and promotions, it can be used as a banner advertisement for portal sites, it can be displayed on POS materials, packaging and cinema screens, in event venues, and for educational purposes. The greatest advantage is that its use allows any online or offline platform to be connected. 
At the same time, due to the unlimited variability of its representation forms, the associated costs can be optimized for our customers, in other words, it can be designed, executed and priced according to the needs.


Depending on the nature of the given project and the customer’s requirements, we carry out complex or partial production. We undertake the preparation of marketing plans, PR works, events, the organization and execution of event participation, as well as corporate representation. Integrated campaigns, communication strategies, brand positioning, social media are also covered by our field of expertise.

Our patent protected technologies

Our own-designed and manufactured products are made with manufacturing technology solutions protected by patent protection, which allows us to reserve the exclusive right over manufacturing and distribution. Given that our inventions have been “adapted” by many over the past decades, our latest developments are available first to our circle of repeat customers.


Our logistic services include the packaging of goods, boxing, labeling, stockpiling, web shop logistics, transport, freight, parcel delivery, the transport of the goods produced by us from Budapest to the country (e.g. in case of displays the simultaneous transport back of the old display), promotional and marketing materials, the transport and display of tools on the site. Freight, transport and complex logistic process management also in case of foreign orders.
Creativity, quality, agility

What we do

We shape and mold our services according to the market needs, optimized to our current customers. Our professional crew is considered to be a pioneer of the European forefront in the design and production of POS advertising materials, in the field of both product development and product sales. Our designers have regularly presented their developments on the international scene since the end of the nineties. Thanks to these successes, since the beginning of the 2000’s, we have acquired an active distribution network all around Europe, thanks to which a continuously expanding customer base consisting of multinational companies has been formed. Our patented manufacturing technology and the imaginative names of our products are known as premium category brands in professional circles.

IZGI Brand Academy

Our missionary activity for a better world: for us and for you! A place (our offices in Újpest) where, as an inexperienced brand manager, you can participate in a serious advertising crash course in an informal atmosphere, and you can learn from the pros which tools allow you to reach the target group of the product assigned to you, how they are made, who are sitting on the “other side”, that is, how to communicate with your suppliers so that they can serve your ideas the most efficiently, without any ambiguities. 


Manufacturing facility

We have a manufacturing unit at our Budapest site. It’s here that we design and sample our all-time innovations and we develop prototypes, while we also carry out series production. We call our manufacturing facility the “PLAYGROUND” due to the good atmosphere that we always experience there during team work.


We undertake warehousing in our own warehouse for manufacturing optimization, and the optimization and cost-efficiency of our logistic processes. In case of demand/need we also organize rental warehousing by involving external service providers.

Fast service

It is our fundamental principle that the service will result in a repeat customer only if the customer has a positive image of the communication of the sales company (in addition to receiving the exact product or service that they expected). We strive to bear in mind the ideas of our customers relating to deadlines in each case, and to respond to their enquiries accordingly, with manufacturing optimization, appropriate logistics and by ensuring the human resources necessary for this. We speak several languages and we always strive to maintain a pleasant working relationship based on mutual respect and trust both inside the company and with our customer base.

Quality policy

Thanks to our tight-knit group and our good organizational structure, we work in a work schedule which allows that the product produced by us or the service used by the customer meets the requirements defined in our quality policy. We oversee the processes from the inspection of our raw materials, through the assessment of the submitted creative materials, to the verification of the finished product so that we can discover any potential defects just in time. It naturally doesn’t mean that we can fully prevent or filter the occurrence of a potentially arising problem or manufacturing defect. In such cases, we start the repair and the re-manufacturing after informing our customers immediately, listening to their opinion and demand, and consulting with them.


We undertake domestic and foreign transport with our own trucks, from small parcels to five pallets per freights. In case of unsuitable deadlines exceeding our machine fleet and capacity, or in case of unsuitable price-value calculations, we use the services of subcontractors after consulting with our customers in each case.

Continous capacity increase

As a result of our practical organizational structure we are ready for extraordinary (occasional) or continuous capacity increase. Due to the experienced and continuous technological developments, even an increase in production increase does not pose any problems in our own manufacturing unit at the moment. In case of a more robust increase we plan to facilitate capacity increase by asset acquisition for the efficiency of productivity.
If you' re not failing every now and again, it's a sign you' re
not doing anything very innovative.
Woody Allen


We serve our clientele through the coordinated work of several distributors, in several countries, in several languages. Enquire about your regional contact person!

We have been encouraging our clients for many years to place their orders per region, not individually, per country, in order to optimize the manufacturing costs.


Distributor activity

We offer agency or distributor activity in different regions, in a successful team, with internationally renowned and tested product range.

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