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Social responsibility

Our mission statement

We consider collective social responsibility really important, so we have conducted a missionary activity ever since the existence of our company. We currently have three priority beneficiaries. With the cooperation of our customers we can help their work more efficiently.

In addition to their 100% professional commitment, the characteristic shared by our beneficiaries is the mission awareness felt by their environment and those coming into contact with them, by which they strive to create a better world. Although their activity covers different fields (healthcare, culture, environmental protection), they have to struggle with the same problems day after day: they need fixed assets for continuing to operate their business, they have to find the means to cover the expenses necessary to get to the location of their activity, and they should promote themselves. With our initiative we strive to provide efficient assistance tailor-made to them with the help of our partners. Not only with monetary donation but with any kind of contribution involving constructive support: consultancy, strategic planning, volunteer project management—with fund raising activity—but also in the fields of communication and marketing.

Action for the Vulnerable Public Benefit Foundation


The public benefit foundation was founded in 2002 by Dr. Gergely Pataki plastic surgeon and Dr. András Csókay neurosurgeon. Their scope of activities includes the protection and help of individuals who can do little or nothing for their own protection and the enforcement of their interests due to their health condition or economic situation. They perform free of charge surgeries at home and abroad, coordinate the professional consultations in the institutions relating to healing, organize training, and provide assistance for the procurement of medical devices, special hospital furniture and rehabilitation equipment. The point of the “ACTION” is to help in an active and direct manner. In the course of foreign missions they travel to regions affected by the largest shortage of doctors and extreme poverty to perform special surgeries. Due to the long waiting lists and the shortage of doctors, Hungary also needs a fast-acting, charitable group of doctors.

SoulAir Kids Choir

Bakáts Alapítvány Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank Zrt.
Számlaszám: 10402166-21621336-00000000

A music specialization, and simultaneously a choir has existed in the Bakáts Square Music Primary School for 60 years. The SoulAir chamber choir was formed of the most talented pupils in September 2010, with the enthusiastic work of Mónika Molnár, choir director.

In addition to Gregorian, renaissance, baroque, classical and 20th century choir works, their repertoire also covers the pieces of today’s quality popular music.

They are proud that they acted as the choir well known from “Sing”, the Oscar-winning short film by Kristóf Deák. The overwhelming success has not only brought fame to the choir, but also a myriad of invitations to perform (often with renowned performers) at home and abroad. They are seeking for sponsors in order to procure the equipment necessary for their performances and to cover their travel expenses for further performance opportunities.

társadalmi szerepvállalás

Foundation Elek-Ágh

Animal Shelter on the Csepel Island
ADÓSZÁM: 18670457-1-13

The animal shelter established near the town called Tököl in Pest county has already been functioning since 1995, for two decades: unfortunate, abandoned, dumped, strayed dogs take shelter here and before anything else, they receive appropriate veterinary care, if needed, and after their recovery, the shelter tries to find them a home. If no-one is found to adopt them, they are looked after till the end of their lives.

Unfortunately, similarly to the other animal protection organizations, they do not receive any state subsidy (although they perform public tasks), so they can only maintain the shelter from donations and the 1% of personal income taxes offered by tax-payers.

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